I’m excited to be traveling again this upcoming weekend! I’m headed  down to sunny Santa Monica, California. I’m looking forward to escaping the cold and dreary rain we’ve been having here in Seattle for some warm and happy sunshine. I’m listening to some vintage Christina Aguilera right now while I write out my packing checklists. I thought I would share some of the things I’ll be bringing with me and some things that I think are perfect for California.

1. Deborah Lippmann nail polish

2. Karen Walker sunglasses

3. a Tory burch gold wrap bracelet

4. a neon accessory like this handbang from Rebecca Minkoff

5. a bright necklace, this one is from Forever21

6. coral lipstick from Bobbi Brown

7. an iPhone charger (I keep one in my purse and with me at ALL times)

8. NARS Illuminator, trust me you’ll be hooked after trying it just once

9. REPORT sandals

I’m not sure how you pack but I’m the girl who always packs way too much. Then again I always like to make sure I have options. Anyway, tonight and tomorrow will be thrilling in the packing department, trying to figure out what I will bring with me etc. I’ve always admired those who can travel without checking any bags. Until my next post!