Photo taken with Instagram

I learned about Warby Parker last year from my friend JD. After listening to him explain a little bit about what Warby Parker does as far as providing eye wear for those in need I was completely taken. Nothing excites me more than hearing about companies who are making a difference in the lives of others (well that and anything sparkly and boys in bowties, but that’s for another time). My enthusiasm for Warby Parker led to a blog post about them. I wanted to share my excitement for them right away. Then a free home try on where I got to physically try on their glasses to find the right style for me. Finally getting to hear one of the Founders of Warby Parker, Neil Blumenthal speak at StyleCaster’s State of Style Summit back in February in New York was truly inspiring.

All of those things combined led me to order my very own pair of Warby Parkers- Winston in Revolver Black. Basically now I’m hooked, I’m already on the path to my second pair! For $95 and getting to help provide glasses to someone in need how can you not order every style?