Pictures via my Pinterest board “I’d wear that”

I bought a denim shirt a while back and realize now that I’ve worn it multiple times over the last couple of years or so. I take that back, more than multiple, a lot of times. It’s become a wardrobe essential and staple in my closet. I took to my Pinterest to share some inspiring and very pretty pictures of denim shirts. I would say the denim shirt is a seriously need to have piece that every person should own.

1. Belt your denim shirt with a flared pair of pants

2. Casual summer chic, wearing a denim shirt with crisp white pants is an elegant look

3. Perfect for a sunny afternoon I’m totally loving this look, throwing a jacket on over your denim shirt quickly dresses up your look

4. Tucking in your denim shirt into a pair of black skinny jeans is a very easy and effortless way to look great

5. Probably my favorite right now, wearing a denim shirt with brightly colored pants, like these neon ones shown in the photo, very on trend for spring

6. Finally, denim on denim, it’s a little bold but I really like it, especially with the wide leg trousers

So there you have it, denim shirts, don’t have one? I suggest going and getting one.