I’m going to take a guess and conclude that it’s safe to say most women carry around with them a purse/handbag. I think it’s also safe to say that most of us are busy and on the go, we’re running from home to work to happy hour to the dry cleaners to pick up our dress for Saturday night, you get the idea. A purse has to not only be pretty and interesting to look at but in a day to day situation it usually needs to be somewhat practical. My purse is like my right hand man, it’s always on my arm and at my side. Inside it holds most of the things I need to get through my day. Something I do every so often is clean out and reorganize my purse, stock up on lip stick and hand sanitizer and make sure that my pen isn’t out of ink.

In going through my purse the other day I thought I’d lay out all the things it contained and share a photo. As you can see there’s sort of a random variety of items but to me they’re all necessary and important. From the pictures above you’ll notice that I have a lot of MAC products, powder, lipstick and lip gloss. All necessary for a girl on the go, along with my chap stick for this colder Seattle weather we’re having. You’ll also note that I seem to be somewhat prepared for disaster, I have band aids in my purse (I admit that I am clumsy), I have antibacterial gel (I don’t like germs) and a Tide Stick to go in case something spills on my clothes. The Whisps that I have in my purse are actually a huge lifesaver, they’re perfect for freshening up after lunch or maybe after a dinner. I keep MOO cards in my purse to hand out in case I’m somewhere where I am networking. My purse is Kate Spade, my sister got it for me for Christmas a couple years ago and it’s one of my favorite handbags! It’s so practical for carrying around everything I need. Finally, I always keep a notepad, journal and pen in my purse, I do this in case I see something I like, hear a quote I appreciate or maybe need to take down a phone number.

What do you keep in your purse?