I very much enjoyed the pretty fuchsia carpet at Neiman Marcus, because it is after all my favorite color.

Raise your hand if you like fashion? Raise your hand if you like breakfast? My hand was raised on both accounts. Neiman Marcus in Bellevue held a press breakfast to talk about spring beauty trends. I’m going to write another post talking more about all the exciting new things I learned but for now wanted to share what I wore, only because I finally got to wear my new Calvin Klein rose colored sequin skirt. With the skirt I wore a coral blouse (bright and appropritate for spring) along with some soft pink lip stick and nude pumps. In my hair I wore a velvet chain headwrap from L. Erickson.

Calvin Klein skirt, Nordstrom coral Blouse and fuchsia nails from Maybelline.

L. Erickson Velvet Chain Headwrap in pink of course.

For now I’ll just say that I couldn’t be more excited for spring/summer, think bright, think fresh, think pink.