I was texting with someone this evening and realized that I have a really skewed sense of thinking when it comes to justifying working out. Said person I was texting told me they had gone running at the gym, my thoughts and responses…

I thought about running, does that count?

I did walk around Nordstrom today for about an hour, so that’s something.

I walked up a hill in four inch high heels today, that is exercise enough.

With my lap top bag and my purse which contains like 7lbs of stuff I feel like my arms and shoulders are getting enough of a work out already throughout the day.

I carried around shopping bags all Saturday afternoon, my arms are already sore.

It’s too cold outside to be out there.

Oh look all the treadmills are being used at the gym and I don’t have time to wait, guess I’ll go home and write this blog post.

Ok that’s all, just a few thoughts about a girl who loves high heels, dresses and Nordstrom.