So my blog is two years old today. The first word or thought that appears in my mind is WOW, when I was sitting on my couch in my pink Juicy track suit I never really thought that I would be sitting here two years later still blogging, still loving it and still coming up with things to talk about. Here’s a blurb of my very first blog post EVER.

There it was, my first post, I had no idea really where my blog or writing would take me. I think it’s safe to say that my blog has greatly influenced the person I am today and has been a segway into many fun opportunities. Writing and getting to connect with other great people has helped me learn more about a lot of things, about fashion, about photography, about the city of Seattle, about wine, about travel, you get the picture. I love writing, I love getting share with people all the causes and products I am passionate about. I enjoy emails and the interesting conversations I’ve had with people who’ve visited my blog and engaged with me. I like the write up I did last year when my blog was one year old, I encourage you to read it because a lot of what I wrote still holds true today.

I could go on and on about how much I love blogging and tell you all about my favorite blog posts or the most popular posts, but I think I want to talk about four people whom I will forever be grateful to for helping me get started in blogging and growing as a writer/blogger. I feel strongly that without their help and support I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this two year anniversary/birthday blog post.

The first person who I’ve learned a thing or two from (actually a lot) is Travis Ketchum. He helped me buy the domain and taught me about Google Analytics, when at the time I had no idea what either meant! I remember telling him about my blog many moons ago, and Travis asked me if I owned my own domain, I was like what? So he sat me down and helped me make my first domain purchase. Since then and over time Travis has always been there for advice, help and all that good stuff. So thank you Travis for being so supportive.

The second person would be Annie Hong, Annie is this amazing and kind person whom I first met on Twitter. I followed her because she always posted inspiring and happy quotes to her Twitter. I am grateful for her because she invited me to my very first Twitter event in real life ever. I remember receiving a note from Annie online asking me if I was available to attend a wine dinner she was hosting. I was a little nervous to go only because I didn’t know what to expect but little did I know it would be one of the most memorable and fun evenings I’d had. So thank you Annie for inviting me to my first real life Twitter event and introducing me to the real world of social media and wine in Seattle.

The third person would be a guy named Derek Johnson. Someone I’ve known for sometime now, he’s an entrepreneur and is someone who really inspired me to continue blogging and work to make my blog better every day. We were sitting at a happy hour in the fall of 2010, and I remember Derek telling me all the possibilities blogging could bring. There was something about the tone in his voice and the way he was explaining it to me that just breathed this fresh air of excitement and inspiration into my brain. Thank you Derek for inspiring me to keep on bloggin’ and for introducing me to the next person I’m grateful for…

Last and most definitely not least is Grant Landram. I met Grant through Derek. Grant is this incredibly talented WordPress Design expert! I met Grant at his office in 2010 along with my dog Amelia, we brought him cupcakes and I shared with him my vision of my blog and where I hoped it would go. From there Grant designed my logo and blog layout and has since made it the pretty thing it is today. To this day Grant continues to help me in developing my blog, making it better, tweaking pictures for my Twitter and Facebook, basically all the techy stuff I know nothing about. So, Thank you Grant for helping me in my blogging adventures.

With that I want to thank anyone and everyone who’s ever taken the time to write me, tweet me, Facebook me and visit my blog. It means so much more to me than I could ever express in words. I’m excited for 2012 and this next year of what blogging has in store! I mentioned above that you should check out my post from last years so here it is.