Chantecaille is a makeup, skincare and fragrance brand headquartered in New York City that believes in two very important things, helping women feel beautiful and empowered as well as raising awareness and money for endangered species of the world. Chantecaille combines both fashion and beauty with the environmental conscious concepts of helping make the planet a better place for all to live.

Neiman Marcus held a beauty breakfast last week at their Bellevue location at the Bravern. The breakfast hosted attendees and representatives from some of the leading brands in skincare, make up and fragrance. One of which was Chantecaille, which really hit home for me because of their passion to give back to the planet and help make a difference for endangered species. Chantecaille’s representative spoke on the brands new spring color collection, emphasizing a lot on the natural beauty of the Earth with rose hues, gold tones and neutral colors. Pictured below is their Lucky Brilliant Gloss ($32), a beautiful golden pink color that is sheer and considered to be a universally flattering color.

Pictured directly above is Chantecaille’s Sunrise Lip Chic ($33). A bright coral pink, Sunrise offers a high shine finish similar to lip gloss and with a little added collagen it leaves your lips feeling full and fresh. It was explained that this color can be taken from day to night.

The Coral Reefs Palette ($79)  with 5% of the proceeds being donated to The Marine Conservation Institute is probably the most striking product in the spring collection. Did you know that our oceans cover 71% of Earth, providing us with about 80% of our oxygen; yet less than one half of one percent of our oceans are protected. Chantecaille and The Marine Conservation Institute stand to change this with their special Coral Reefs Palette. The colors in the palette are made up of the finest pearl and pigment particles giving you that beautiful and fresh glow. Which is what spring is all about, fresh, bright and natural.

This new collection will be available in February 2012 so very soon! You can purchase these wondrous products and help support the environment at Neiman Marcus.