New Years Eve is days away, two to be exact. If you’re not planning on sitting at home on your couch chances are you’re going out somewhere where you’ll want to be dressed up. This year I’ll be with a few close friends and my sister at a restaurant for dinner, toasting in the new year. I also have not decided what I’m wearing exactly, so for the sake of a little inspiration I pulled some pictures of things that I believe would be New Years Eve appropriate.

Ladies, curl your hair a throw on a sequin dress. There’s something eye catching and glamourous about a dress that shimmers and sparkles. Nordstrom probably has the perfect sequin dress for you.

Pull your hair back into a pretty top knot or chic pony and put on a pair of statement earrings. Alexis Bittar’s peacock earrings are shown above, he has many more that would be perfect for NYE.

Red liptstick is always a good idea when you’re trying to pull of a chic look in the evening. Just make sure it’s more of a matte red. Matte is elegant more appropriate for evening. Glossy red is more day time and casual.

I’ve said it more than twice but I’ll say it again, men never underestimate the power of a good bow tie.

A great timepiece, so you’ll know exactly when midnight is about to strike.

When dressing for a New Years Eve celebration always consider the event you’re attending, what the invitation looks like, where the event is being held etc. Those key details will help you in deciding what is appropriate to wear. Ladies think bright, sparkly and colorful. Men think classic, minimalistic and consider wearing a killer cologne.

Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize those lips for your special kiss at midnight. If you don’t already have a significant other or someone lined up you never know whom you might end up sharing that special smooch with, so all I’m saying is be prepared.