It’s holiday time which usually means picture taking time, am I right? If your family is anything like mine you’ll have your dad with his big camera in your face asking you to smile. Or you’ll have someone sticking their iPhone near you to snap a photo to upload to their Instagram. Pictures then usually get uploaded to Twitter or Facebook or end up in blogs, they’re around for a while and a lot of people see them. You want to make sure that you can look back on those photos and be happy with how you looked. Here are a few quick tips for looking posh in your pictures.

1. Ladies have something on your lips, be it lip gloss or lip stick you should have some color on your lips to distinguish your mouth from the rest of your face. It doesn’t have to be some bright red or hot pink, but something that brings complementary attention to your mouth. I really like Clinique’s lip color balms or MAC lipsticks.

2. Men and ladies I know this is simple BUT brush your teeth, a pearly white smile is huge when looking good in a photo.

3. Have proper posture, when taking a photo stand up straight and hold those shoulder back. You’ll be surprised how much taller and leaner you look in photos when you’re standing up straight.

4. For the ladies take a look at this picture, it’s called facial contouring, you can highlight certain parts of your face to look brighter and more beautiful than you already are. This also helps give shape and definition to your face. Go out and get yourself some bronzer and highlighting powder. Nordstrom and Sephora are great places to start.

5. It’s pretty safe to bet that most of the pictures that are being taken of you are going to be from the waist up, so have something from the waist up that you’re wearing that stands out. Maybe your hair is pulled back and you’re wearing a great pair of earrings, or if you’re a man you’re in a magnificent bow tie. Wear something that when people go back and look at the photo not only are your teeth white, your lips right and you’re standing up straight but the people looking at the photo will remember that one great thing you were wearing and say, “gosh that’s a great …whatever it is.” Trust me.

Once you’ve done the above all you need to do is smile and say cheese!