It was Monday morning and I woke up before my alarm *cringe*. Frustrated and annoyed that I woke up before I had to be awake, I laid on my Tempur-Pedic mattress trying to determine if I should just get up or sleep until my alarm went off? I decided to try something I wouldn’t normally have opted to do, get up early. Getting out of bed and waking up earlier than usual was my first wise decision of the day. I got a jump start on my day and had quite a bit accomplished and checked off my to do list by 10:30am. How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day, your mood and even your demeanor for your week. Below are six things every person should do every weekday morning. I say weekday because the weekends are usually a time when you can sleep in and cut yourself some slack.

1. Wake up 1 hour earlier than you usually would- no snooze button. It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish with an extra hour!

2. Go to the gym or exercise for an hour one way or another. Get the blood going throughout your body, it’s a great way to wake up and keep your body healthy.

3. Drink a glass of water. You’re suppose to have 8 of these everyday, you might as well start in the morning.

4. Read or watch the news. It’s always good to be informed on what’s going on in the world or community.

5. Get a jump start on your email. Answer a few in the morning so that you’re not overwhelmed when you get to the office.

6. Listen to some upbeat music while you get ready, turn it up loud.

I guess this would be a seventh thing but remember to have a positive and excited attitude. Happiness is contagious, trust me.