Seattle University is a world renown place of knowledge where fashion is around every corner. I was on the campus recently and spotted these two fabulous student fashionistas. My sister, @KatiaRenee and her best friend @CurrentlyKarli. I met the girls for dinner and immediately fell in love with their outfits- both of them had a look that was casual and effortless. Interestingly enough when I asked the girls where they got the inspiration for their get ups they told me, Pinterest! I should have known, it’s a website I’ve become almost addicted to. I mean who couldn’t spend hours upon hours pinning pictures to your “Pink is my favorite color” board? I loved the girls’ interpretation of the pictures they selected, their sweet personalities paired with their weather appropriate outfits made for a fabulous find of fashion and style on a college campus.

Boots, scarves, black leggings and fun earrings all are elements that make for a unique outfit for fall! Boots are practical for walking and a pretty scarf compliments your jacket as well as keeping you warm and toasty! I’m on Pinterest too, so if you like check it out.