Every day is a new opportunity to play dress up, whether you’re going to work, out to dinner or perhaps just to the grocery store. Dressing up if you haven’t figured it out already is something I literally get excited to wake up and do every single day– after I’ve had my cup of coffee of course. This week I’ve been overjoyed that it’s finally feeling like fall here in Seattle, it’s beginning to get dark a littler earlier, the trees are changing colors and it rained Thursday night!¬†Right now some of my favorite colors for fall are navy blue, orange and taupe. This week I incorporated those colors into a couple outfits shown below.

For one of my evenings out I went with a sheer navy blue blouse and gold jewelry

I’m a huge fan of blazers and dresses, so to further show my love for this pairing I threw on my taupe Calvin Klein dress (I’m a sucker for anything CK) and a black blazer. The shoes I’m wearing are actually navy blue, I like adding a little bit of color to an outfit that isn’t as bright normally, it makes it a little more fun and my style.