“Literally I packed so much stuff it looks like I’m leaving the country.” @Jaymeedoll

Starting the day off with a Starbucks and make up at Nordstrom

This was the phrase that would capture my morning and continue to make me smile all throughout the day. My best friend Jaymee and I were asked to pose for the September issue of Bellevue Scene Magazine; our day was filled with endless garment bags, earrings, shoes, blush, lip stick and the new Britney Spears album.

The shoot was all about fashion through the decades and how elements of fashion and style from the past are incorporated into people’s style in present day. Our photographer Chad Coleman, I’m going to start off by just saying that he was incredibly awesome. Chad was terrific at making the shoot fun and relaxed while directing Jaymee and I so that the light hit our faces in the right spot, putting our best frames forward if you will. Gabrielle Kazuko is the Assistant Editor at Bellevue Scene, she was also on set with us helping come up with outfit and theme inspiration.

Photo of Jaymee and I for Bellevue Scene Mag, photo by Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura

Photographer Chad Coleman taking a break from shooting to give me some posing tips, photo by Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura

The day was a blast, my legs and arms will be sore in the next couple days I know it. Once the pictures come out you’ll see. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than with my best friend playing dress up and having our pictures taken. Love you Jaymee and big thank you to Gabrielle and Chad for helping put together this shoot, thank you also to the fabulous Bryan Setzer for making my and Jaymee’s faces pretty with make up!

The September issue of Bellevue Scene Magazine will be out in late August.