After leaving MiiR’s documentary film screening Beyond The Bottle I felt inspired, empowered, hopeful and deeply touched.

Friday July 29, 2011– MiiR held a screening of their documentary film Beyond The Bottle, the film follows MiiR’s founder Bryan Papé, photographer John Keatley and others all the way to Liberia Africa as they help bring clean water to the men, women and children who need it most. The evening was not only to be amongst great people but to help create awareness and raise funds to help make clean water available for those who do not have the luxury of easy access to clean drinking water. It’s shocking to learn that nearly a billion people on our planet don’t have access to clean water. What’s so incredible about MiiR is that one dollar of each MiiR bottle purchased provides one person with clean water for one year. They have pledged to donate one dollar of every bottle sold to help someone have access to clean water- all funds are donated through where 100% of that money goes to help fund clean water projects to those in need.

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I literally had goosebumps after watching the film and it was even more humbling to hear the co-founder of One Day’s Wages Eugene Cho speak on poverty and how anyone can take that step into helping make a difference in the live’s of others. Cho is the co-founder along with his wife and executive director of One Day’s Wages – “a movement of People, Stories, and Actions to alleviate extreme global poverty.”

All in all the evening has a huge impact on me, I really feel passionate about what MiiR and what One Day’s Wages is doing for others, you too can help make a difference in the life of another by donating online to One Day’s Wages or buy purchasing sweet swag from MiiR. I promise you it’s a decision you’ll never regret, between my sister and I we have 4 MiiR bottles (we love them, seriously). Huge congratulations to everyone at MiiR for the success of their film, it was outstanding. Thank you for putting on such a wonderful evening.

I’m a little MiiR crazy, but can you blame me? Their water bottles are fashionable (hello!) and a pleasure to drink out of. Their Liberia t-shirt is also a fabulous buy, I wore it twice this past weekend!

“At MiiR, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently about what we create and who it may impact. We do this by making our products highly functional, well designed while giving back to those in need. We decided to start by making great bottles with significant purpose behind them. Hear more about our story at”