I’m happy and proud to admit and share with you that I like, no love Justin Bieber; his music, hair and story always bring a smile to my face. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him at his concert in Vancouver, BC, it was a show like I’ve never seen before.

Last week Justin was spotted shopping in another one of my favorite cities, LA at Armani Exchange in Sunset Plaza. He looked so adorable in his blue shirt with lyrics from Cee LoGreen’s infamous song, “F**k You And F**k Her Too” matched with an Orlando Magics cap, a perfect outfit for some shopping if you ask me. Armani Exchange is a great store, as always they have an outfit for any occasion, “Justin loved everything in the store, especially the linen shirts and cargo shorts,” said a source close to Justin. Linen shirts and cargo shirts are very appropriate for summer, together they put together a classic look for any man.

A few days later Justin rolled into the 2011 Teen Choice Awards looking super sophisticated with can you guess? My favorite men’s accessory, a bow tie! I loved that he added his own twist of style to it by having half of the bow tie unclipped.

I love a guy who can appreciate the art of retail therapy and fashion.

Thanks to my girl Jess Estrada for the heads up on his shopping excursion!