(Yes, I’m still a little obsessed with my glasses)

The other day someone plainly asked me why I enjoyed blogging?

I wrote about beginning my blog last year in my Happy Birthday post in January of this year. I remember having all these ideas and opinions on the best mascara, dating stories, my favorite flats (Tory Burch Reva’s YES) restaurants I enjoy or fun places to check out when you’re out with your girlfriends. I recall someone asking me if I ever thought about starting a blog, they said it would give me the opportunity to share with the world essentially all of my ideas. This seemed like a pretty cool idea so I went ahead and signed up, created MollieinSeattle.com and started writing. In the beginning I didn’t really know what to write about. That’s normal though right? Writers block gets the best of everyone every now and then. As time passed I found that I really enjoyed writing about topics related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

I love blogging because through it and with Twitter I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some really amazing people, businesses and organizations. It’s how I’ve formed some of my closest relationships now. I’m thankful to Twitter, I know that may sound odd but I really am because the people I know now I don’t think I would have met them organically or in another other way. I enjoy getting emails from my friends or people who read my blog, I thoroughly get giddy and excited when I have emails in my inbox, people have written to me to ask about date ideas, what to wear to work on their first day or maybe the right pair of shoes for their new sequin dress. It’s the best part of my day going through emails and responding. So I guess thank you to everyone who’s ever taken the time to stop by, tweet me, email me or comment on my blog.

I blog because I want to share with people who I am, I want people to know that it’s important to have good manners, to smile, to be charitable, humble and to take their date to the right restaurant so that they nail that first impression. I want to connect you with whatever you need, whether it’s the best place for a latte (Starbucks duh), how to start a Twitter, what fun events are happening in your area or something as simple as what movie to rent. I want to be a resource to others, and help people live a positive, happy and fulfilling life.

Ok that’s all for now, happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! Try holding the door open for a stranger, smile at someone across the room, drink lots of water and and tell someone you love them.