From the beginning back in January of 2010 my blog has been my diary. I go back sometimes, read old posts and am able to recall what was happening in my life at that moment, I can remember the things I was excited about, maybe bummed about or loving, like clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. My dating posts are funny to go back and read because I can recall what inspired them. This week my blog is going to be a mini/micro diary, every day I’ll post a little something about my day, how it went, what I wore, how much coffee I drank and any other musing I decide to share. Here’s to how it goes!

Music for the weekend: Norah Jones “Feeling The Same Way” (one of my mom’s favorite songs)
Fuel for the weekend: Sleep, water and you guessed it multiple cups of coffee
My outfit for almost the entire weekend: lululumon yoga pants and my Victoria’s Secret Mariner’s sweatshirt

On Sunday I was sitting on the couch reading through some articles from ELLE on the FlipBoard app on my iPad and came across the MOST stunning pictures from Lebanese designer Elie Saab’s F/W 2011-2012 Haute Couture collection that was shown in Paris July 6th. Saab knows how to capture the essence of a women’s femininity hands down, everything through to the sparkles and soft delicate fabrics in his dresses are elegant, breathtaking and striking.

I love this quote about the collection- “For Elie Saab , the choice of a show’s inspiration — be it fairy tales, artists or this season’s starting point, skyscrapers — is just a pretext for the designer to once again do what he does best: make feminine frocks that shimmer and sparkle.” (International Herald Tribune)

I am enchanted by every single one of these dresses, my plan one day is to own one.