Something I’m currently loving is thick black eyeliner. If applied correctly it accents a persons’ eyes very well. I think there is definitely something intriguing and almost mysterious about a women in it.

1. Apply primer to your eyelids, this will help the liner stay.

2. Use a liquid eyeliner, this helps in keeping a nice clean line on your eye.

3. Apply your liquid eyeliner on your eye and follow the line that goes right above your eyelashes. Do this carefully so that the line is straight. As you get to the end of your eye, farthest from your nose quickly lift the liner pen or pencil so that you get the swoop or cat eye effect.

4. With a think black eyeliner you’ll want to keep all other make up on your face to a minimum, use a soft blush on your cheeks, a taupe eye shadow and something soft on your lips.