Nestled in the heart of downtown Seattle sits a boutique with windows that serve as a beacon of splendor and inspiration for all who pass by. In these iconic windows you’ll find beautifully made dresses that embody elegance and luxury. There is never an instance in which I walk by and am not smitten by the dresses on display in the windows of Luly Yang Couture.

Couture- The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting her boutique for a special tour and peek inside the world of LYC, trying on tiaras, savoring in the sophistication of her designs and learning about her inspiration was something I’d always grown up hoping to do one day. Luly Yang is an iconic designer and business woman in Seattle specializing in couture formal and bridal wear. Known not only here in Seattle but all over the globe for her designs Luly’s style encompasses true grace and class.

INSPIRATION: Luly found inspiration for her newest collection in the structure, beauty and intricacy of the Palace of Versailles. Luly says she found inspiration from the Chateau’s rich, palatial architecture and elegantly textured interiors.

Alavekio’s Photographic Essays

Alavekio’s Photographic Essays

Something else you’ll find within the walls of this prestigious Northwest fashion house are the timeless and hand crafted pieces from now Seattle based designer Namiko Layden Nakamura of Abloom Design. Her pieces include elegantly made bridal necklaces, hair combs, and an assortment of casual jewelry for everyday wear. A perfect marriage of both fashion and accessories for all soon to be brides who visit LYC.

“Dresses are like people,” Yang says, as each of her exquisitely designed dresses are named for and inspired by something special. This makes wearing a Luly personal and special for each individual. To keep up with all things Luly be sure to follow her Twitter.