Every girl dreams of silky healthy hair right? I know I do! I remember asking a question on my Twitter about what the first thing is that people notice about others, the answer that came up the most was hair. Having great, healthy and well styled hair is a necessity if you’re interested in having other people admire and notice you. In order to achieve great hair you need great product.

World I would like to introduce you to my new favorite line of hair products- Coy. Coy is a new line of hair care products that were actually born right here in Seattle!

“Be. Act. Play…Coy. Let healthy, beautiful hair be your constant. Coy is recommended by stylists for real women who desire and deserve gorgeous hair every day.”

I am currently obsessing over their Nourish shampoo and conditioner. I love that Coy’s products tailor to my hair and my life to make my hair shiny and beautiful! They have wide variety of products for every hair type!

Hair spray is a necessity in my life- I’m never without it.

I’m excited about Coy not only because it’s from Seattle but because it’s so amazing and I love the way it makes my hair look and feel. I hope you will be just as excited!

Coy is on Twitter and Facebook too.