I love Seattle, obviously I mean my blog is named “Mollie in Seattle”, so it would only make sense that I would be passionate about this wonderful city. My cousin Anna (@annareilly) was in town recently, my sister Katia (@katiarenee) and I were over the moon excited to show her around the Emerald City. We compiled a list of places we felt were landmark Seattle spots for Anna to see!

  • Pike Place Market
  • The original Starbucks Store
  • The Seattle Art Museum
  • Kerry Park on Queen Anne
  • Gasworks Park
  • The Fremont Troll
  • Seattle Waterfront and Piers

We began our field trip at Pike Place Market, very Seattle if you ask me. We walked around the market, watched the fish get thrown and tossed, ate dark chocolate flavored pasta, tried some delicious homemade jam, checked out the original Starbucks, and drooled over some delicious sweets we saw in a bakery window. We even had a celebrity siting, Tyrone Wells and his wife were enjoying their afternoon at the market as well. Of course the three of us freaked out and tried to figure out which one of us was going to be brave enough and go up and talk to him. Luckily Anna proved bold and helped ease into conversation with Tyrone and his wife, they were so kind and even let us take a picture with him! Tyrone is an amazing artist, if you’re not familiar with his music make sure you change that.

After leaving the Market we trotted down a couple blocks to The Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Another prominent place in the city that currently is home to the works of Pablo Picasso himself. (The exhibit is only here for a few more days so if you haven’t had the chance to check it out, go!).

When we finished at SAM we made our way over to Kerry Park on Queen Anne where we savored in the beauty that is our wonderful city. I took a video while we were there, watch it on my YouTube Channel!

Then it was off to Gasworks Park, again another great place to get a panoramic view of the city. We paid a visit to the iconic Fremont Troll, and then finally took a drive along the Seattle Waterfront and checked out the Piers.

I realize there are many more places in Seattle that we didn’t make it to, The Space Needle, The Seattle Aquarium, The Woodland Park Zoo, Alki Beach, The EMP, The Museum of Flight, I could go on and on! Seattle is a great and lively city full of fun things for people of all ages to enjoy!