I had the honor and privilege of meeting THE fabulous Diva herself, Krystal Lechner of Smashing Divas Make up Artistry and Image Consulting. Krystal helped me look diva-licious for a special dinner I had planned at The Melting Pot in Bellevue last week! She did an absolutely amazing job with my make up; her work is truly an art. She even did a special custom blend for my lip stick that I appropriately named “Seattle”. What girl doesn’t like getting pampered and having her make up done by a top notch professional? Krystal airbrushed my make up and it was fantastic, it is extremely lightweight and natural. This lasted me through the entire evening! Her airbrush make up technique is water proof, perfect for our rainy Seattle weather! After having my make up done with Krystal, I felt pretty and fabulous for my evening!


Custom lip stick and air brush!


An interview with a Diva, Krystal Lechner of Smashing Divas

What is your definition of beauty?

“My Definition of Beauty:
It comes from within. It is something that makes you go “ah!”. It is luscious curves, beautiful lines, combination of colors, or creating your best self. It is living up to your own expectations and appreciating everything around you. It is classic, timeless, experimental, ugly, twisted, or endlessly fascinating. In other words, it is what you want it to be. Once you find what makes you feel good inside, you express that through your own beauty.

What are some of your goals or aspirations?

Create a worldwide community of divas through Smashing Divas. After all, we are divalicious and want to be fabulous daily. Together we can empower, transform, grow, change, laugh, and love together. Life’s a beautiful journey, why not rise up and be divalicious together!

Do you have secrets of success or tricks of the trade you could share?

Secrets to success:
Passion drives everything. People see it, people want to be with you because of it.
Connection with others is also everything. The world evolves around connecting and helping others.
Know what your calling is and your “why”.
Be in love with what you do, and be the brand that you are. It’s a 24/7 job building a business, so you must love the highs and lows.
KNOW this journey is about personal growth more than anything. You will go through highs, lows, challenges, obstacles. As long as you remain positive or ask for help, you will get through it.
Ask for what you want. Vocalize it. People can’t read your mind unless you tell them. And they will help make it happen.
Market, market, market. And be memorable! BE everywhere!
If you have to, sacrifice for short term for long term gain.
Make bold leaps instead of babysteps. Enjoy that leap you made for awhile and then leap again.
Finally, ALWAYS be divalicious!!

Smashing Divas is also featured in the new CRAVE Guide, keep up with all things divalicious by following Smashing Divas on Twitter or email Krystal to book your next make up appointment, don’t forget to also check out her website! Thank you Krystal for helping me channel my inner diva, I can’t wait to see you again soon!