Fall/Winter are my two most favorite seasons. I really like the cold weather and bundling up with a chic trench and scarf. Pairing those with some pretty gloves and a cute hat makes the outfit almost complete. Once you have a Starbucks in hand you’re set. There is nothing like walking through Seattle wrapped up with a coffee in one hand and an umbrella in the other. In preparation for the cold weather I’ve already been building my new Fall/Winter wardrobe. Can summer just be over please?

One of my staples is my Burberry scarf. It’s warm, goes with everything and will never go out of style! If you don’t already have one you might want to consider investing in one, I promise its a purchase you won’t regret.

Secondly a trench coat is important to have, they’re easy to go throw on, they keep you warm and go very well with the scarf above! Nordstrom and The Gap both have great coat selections. 

Hats are of course a must, Nordstrom has lots of cute ones. Here are some of my picks.

I love the flowers because they’re feminie and pretty, the black goes with everything and the red hat is fun because it adds some color to your outfit (and goes with the Burberry Scarf!)
Gloves are key in keeping your fingers warm, duh! I prefer leather gloves. Again Nordstrom has many to choose from.
Both of these I like, the long leather gloves are sure to keep you warm, and the gloves with the bow have again that girly twist, (and you know what else? they both come in colors that go with the Burberry scarf!!!)
Finally you must have a cute pair of boots to wear! Whether they’re flat or they have heels, they’re a must. On second thought, it’s good to have three kinds of boots, flat ones, heels, and rain boots. You need to have options right? I mean if it’s rainy and wet rainboots like these Ralph Lauren ‘Odette’ Rain Boots are perfect.
Whereas if you’re going to be walking around the city all day you might want a pair of cute flat boots that are more comfortable like this Stuart Weitzman ‘5050’ Boot.
If you want to look uber hot, get these high heeled boots, they’re sure to make your legs look so good! They are the Charles by Charles David ‘Model’ Boot.
Ok well there’s one more pair that I can’t help but share because they are so fantastic, they are by Elizabeth and James.
You know the great thing about all of these boots? They match PERFECTLY with the Burberry scarf I started out with. So hopefully you’ll get the idea that I like to plan my outfits around that one scarf. That is how much of a staple it is. It’s classy, comfy and warm. Get one!

Finally, the most important component. The Starbucks. This is a MUST in order to look like you’re from Seattle. Either a venti soy toffeenut latte or a venti non-fat vanilla latte. Yum.