Saturday was my 22nd birthday and I was so lucky that all of my best girlfriends were in town to help celebrate with me! Since we’re all going in different directions with our lives it’s a rare occasion that we’re all home and available to spend time together. Saturday night we all rendezvoused at Molly’s house, took our classic picture on the deck, and then headed up to Bellevue for a girls dinner at Pearl.

In the car on the way up we enjoyed chatting and catching up, I confessed my secret love for Justin Bieber, Molly talked about not having her visa yet for India, you know the usual stuff. The one thing I was so looking forward to was FINALLY getting to park valet, it’s kind of a long story but let’s just say the last time we all went somewhere together and I wanted to park valet, they wouldn’t let me, this time however- they did! Dinner was of course fantastic, we started off with calamari and each got a different delicious entree! Katia, my sweet little sister sent them up with a birthday cake just for me, so as we finished up with dinner out came a beautiful cake decorated with candles, the girls even sang Happy Birthday! 

I would have to say that my favorite part of dinner was not only the fact that we were all together sharing our favorite memories, laughing and talking about our futures, but the fact that we’ve all been friends since 9th grade, through it all we’ve managed to keep in touch! When dinner was over we piled back into the car and made our way across the I 90 bridge to Amber in Belltown, where we had a couch and bartender waiting for us upstairs! 

The night was fantastic, amazing, great, I could go on and on. It meant so much to me to be surrounded by such wonderful friends, I am so thankful to have each of them in my life. John Lennon once said “I get by with a little help from my friends.” I have to say I couldn’t agree more, it’s my friends who’ve helped get me through the good and not so great times in my life, they’re the ones I know I can always turn to whether it be a good laugh, a hug, or a tissue. Thank you ladies for a super fabulous night! You’ll notice that I threw in some older photos of us, we’re all grown up now!